Our Removing Barriers program assists foster families by
supporting children in care with equipment needed to
participate in extracurricular programs.  The
program, provides resources to foster parents to
help connect children in their care to local extracurricular
programs, teams and coaches.  

Exposure to positive coaches, instructors, teammates, and
principles learned through life-changing experiences, will
enhance the perspective of what children in foster care are
capable of achieving.  Once perspective is shifted, the
outlook of possibilities will follow.  
We believe encouraging and supporting youth in foster care
to get involved in life-changing opportunities, regardless of
their circumstances, will introduce life skills essential to
developing a platform for success.
We connect children growing up in foster care to positive mentors who introduce foundational principles of success.
We assist foster parents by providing resources to help connect children in their care to local extracurricular programs.  
We provide equipment, and in some cases fees, needed to participate in extracurricular activities and programs.
Our Adding Value mentoring program, builds esteem and
helps children growing up in foster care realize their destiny
is not tied to their circumstances.  Due to a constantly shifting
environment, there needs to be an emphasis on exposing
children in foster care to positive, character building people.  
The goals of the
Adding Value mentoring program,  is to
help children:

  • Realize their possibilities are not limited by where they
  • Experience the esteem that comes from completion
  • Understand the value of reliability
  • Understand the rewards of consistency
  • Be accountable for their life because their future is
    controlled by their actions, not their circumstances.
  • Take ownership of their success
  • Participate in extracurricular school or local activities
    because it will teach them to focus on something greater
    than themselves and will hold them accountable for
    academic eligibility.
  • Not live down to the lowly statistics and expectations
  • Employ a work ethic that breeds success